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Kimberly Fox-Knight; Owner Gimme Pound

My mothers best friend would bake a pound cake for us each year for Thanksgiving. One year, my mother forgot to ask for our annual treat. Determined to have my yearly fix, I decided to take a chance and bake one of my own. After successfully recreating my dream cake, my father sliced a few pieces to give to his hunting buddies outside. Within minutes he came back in the house with 5 orders, paid in full.


Who knew that taking a chance on something I've never cooked before would lead to endless phone calls, an abundance of holiday orders and constantly hearing the phrase "Kim, you put your ENTIRE foot into this cake".


Kimberly Fox-Knight has continued to build her brand Gimme Pound centered around the world wide gem we all know and love "Pound Cakes". As a wife, mother of 2 and performer of Foxhouse LLC, Kimberly doesn't mind whipping up special orders of her many varieties of pound cakes.


Savor the taste and drift back in time. Created from scratch, Gimme Pound is sure to satisfy your taste buds.  

Why Pound Cakes? It's simple and familiar and RVA thrives on tradition. When you think of Pound Cake, you think of your grandmother locked away in the kitchen for hours creating that memorable treasure that will leave you pondering how on earth did she capture the butter, the vanilla, the moist texture. 

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